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4 Home Improvement Projects You Should Never, Ever DIY

Whether its quicker than calling in an expert, or far cheaper to source raw materials, there are a multitude of reasons why people decide to DIY home improvement projects. The internet has made it very simple to find online tutorials, and many more people are backing themselves to take care of home improvement over hiring established professionals. Being able to make changes within your own home is a great skill to have as it will no doubt allow you to fix little issues without the need for third party help as well as being able to make simple alterations that much cheaper. There are, however, several projects you should never look to carry out DIY; see some of the main ones below.

Roof Work

The average roof system is an intricate piece of kit that requires regular maintenance and while made to last years at a time, shoddy workmanship can take decades off it’s lifespan. Seeing some of the light damage that extended rainfall can cause to a roof, some homeowners feel that they are able to make repairs with just a ladder, hammer, and fresh tiling. There are cases in which this is indeed the case, but generally a roof showing visible signs of damage requires more than just a bit of TLC. Even if your home is a bungalow, falling off your roof is probably not something you’re particularly keen to experience and trying to DIY a roof project can cause anything from embarrassment to loss of life, leave it to the pros.


One of the biggest home improvement projects you can carry out is the adding of an extension. Whether it be a conservatory, orangery, or regular brick, extensions can be a great addition to any home. Something that isn’t a great addition to a home? Wonky roofing, walls with no structural integrity, uneven flooring, and an electrical system that you should only touch while wearing protective clothing. While it certainly is possible to build your own extension, there are a great many things that could go wrong and we earnestly recommend you hire a professional.  


There is a great deal of thought that goes into the application of insulation; whether it be the selection of material that is most beneficial to your property, the planning for where it should be placed for maximum impact, or even opening up of walls or panels to access key areas, an expert is vital when looking to implement insulation that is actually functional.


Getting rid of walls is as simple as taking a sledgehammer and swinging it against the brickwork, right? While it does look cool in movies, it is far less practical in real life. When trying to carry out a demolition DIY there’s a very good chance you’re going to come across vital wiring which you really, really don’t want to damage. There is also every chance that if you haven’t done your due diligence on foundations and stability, you could even end up bringing the whole house down.

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4 Home Improvement Projects You Should Never, Ever DIY
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