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Identifying Different Parts of Your Door

Have you ever been looking to replace a faulty component within your door only to be unable to name it? Struggled to talk to a door expert as they’ve thrown complex jargon at you? Not really sure which bits actually matter? There are many components that come into play when it comes to doors and without having some level of knowledge you may be unable to identify which parts need repair when something does go wrong. In order to help you get an idea of what actually makes up your door, see our guide below.


Probably the most well-known door component is the frame. To put it simply, the frame is the bit around the outside that actually supports the door, it can come in many different colours and styles (usually complementing those of the door panel itself) with some of the most frequent materials used being wood or aluminium. The frame is one of the key parts of the door as it determines how durable and secure the whole system is, a weak or poorly implemented frame will make it easier to break in and might even lead to some structural damage further down the line.


This is what most consider to be the ‘actual door’, the panel is a long piece of material that swings open or closed when the door is used and without attachment of the other components, a panel is just a large block. Just like the frame, the panel needs to be solid in order to prevent unwanted entry and is usually constructed of solid wood or aluminium. The panel is affixed to the frame to form the basic appearance and functionality of the door.

Sill and Sweep

The sill and sweep are two separate entities but can be considered as a singular unit due to being attached to each other. The sill is the part of the door right at the bottom of the panel, the part that is touching the floor. The sill has to be measured incredibly accurately as a slight deviation in size can result in the door either not shutting properly or offering enough space for rodents to come in. The sweep is attached to the sill to form a weather-proof seal at the bottom of the door helping the occupants conserve energy. While it is not present for every door, its an affordable adjustment that can potentially save you plenty of money in the long term.


Depending on the type of door present within your property, you might have an Astragal. The astragal is a vertical material running between the two doors in a double door build. If one door is allowed to slam directly into the other, both might see structural damage, the astragal looks to prevent this by usually having some form of padding to allow for both doors to close gently.

Strike Plate

Similar in some ways to the Astragal, the function of the strike plate is to stop the door from slamming. The strike plate is placed next to the handle between the panel and frame. If it is correctly fitted it will slow the shutting of the door preventing any structural damage that might be incurred from hitting the frame. Strike plates are frequently made of metal and are easy and affordable to replace if they endure any damage.

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