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At Burbage Home Improvements we are dedicated to providing comprehensive home improvement solutions to a variety of property types across the UK. View some of the most commonly asked questions in relation to our services below:

The two leading materials used within modern windows are either PVCu or Aluminium. Both have their unique benefits and ultimately the choice between the two depends on how well they compliment your own property.

The more popular of the two, PVCu is known for being reliable and easy to clean making it an easy and convenient option for any property type. PVCu is also more affordable that alternative materials such as timber and aluminium and come in a variety of styles such as sash and casement.

The more resistant and environmentally friendly of the two, aluminium is commonly used for long-lasting frames and serve to greatly improve on your property’s thermal effectiveness while providing a unique aesthetic charm point.

If you’re unsure which of the two may be more suited to your property, our team at Burbage Home Improvements are more than happy to provide some advice.

Replacing double glazing when your window starts to falter in its function is key to preventing an assortment of issues within your property. There are several instances in which you should consider replacing your double glazing;

Drafts are prevalent in windows where the seals are faulty or there are gaps around the frame and are indicative of long-term wear or poor installation.

Condensation between the double-glazed panes of glass is commonly due to weakening of the window seals and can lead to a build up of moisture in the property and a spike in energy bills.

Difficulty opening and closing the windows in your property is a major security risk and could be due to rotting or rusting.

Outside noise leaks usually demonstrate that the window’s seals are degraded or broken down entirely.

Yes! Our uPVC and Aluminium products come in an extensive range of colours to help you colour coordinate and accentuate the quirks of your property. We also offer woodgrain foils to emulate the natural appearance of timber while making use of a lower maintenance alternative in its place. Speak to a member of the Burbage Home Improvements team to find out more about our range of colours we have on offer.

Security is an integral part of all of our window solutions and we understand that many of our client choose to upgrade their windows due to a lack of security offered by their current set. All of the windows offered by Burbage Home Improvements are comprehensively tested in intruder prevention and come with high security locking mechanisms as a standard.

Speak to a member of our team to find out more about our safety promise.

Each double-glazing installation is slightly different and thereby so are their prices, the overall cost depends highly on the size of the windows, the complexity of the removal of the current windows and the complexity of the new window build.

In order to get an accurate quotation, you may wish to get in contact with our team at Burbage Home Improvements or fill out our ‘Get a Quote Today’ form.

You are very unlikely to need planning permission when replacing your windows since they are not considered to be a ‘major change to your building’. The only instances in which you may require planning permission is if your property is located within a conservation area (you still may not need it but rather be limited to a prerequisite set of styles and designs) or if the windows come as a part of a larger extension build such as a conservatory.

We pride ourselves on delivering bespoke window solutions to our clients and fully understand that every property is unique meaning that unorthodox sizing or design solutions will sometimes be required.

Our team at Burbage Home Improvements are more than happy to provide advice and support when it comes to custom window designs or sizing.

While looking for windows you may have noticed that they commonly have an associated letter ranging from A-G, this letter represents the level of energy efficiency that the window offers in how effective it is at retaining temperature.

The ‘A’ indicates the highest level of efficiency (outside of A+ and A++) whilst ‘G’ is the lowest. Building regulations compliance insists that newly installed windows meet at least the ‘C’ level.

All of the windows at Burbage Home Improvements regardless of style and material comfortably meet or surpass the required energy efficiency and are designed specifically to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

In order to lose heat, a conductor needs to be present to draw the warm air away from its source. A double-glazed window has trapped air with argon gas between the panes which is unable to circulate and therefore serves as a poor conductor. This allows for less of the heat to be drawn outside and ultimately results in a warmer property.

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Windows & Doors

Windows and doors are crucial parts of the home. When maintained properly they can add not only functionality and convenience to a home but also aesthetic charm and beauty. At Burbage Home Improvements we understand that each home has its own individuality and look to show that in our solutions.

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The difference between a house and a home lies in the comfort it provides to those within. Insulation can go a long way in making a home comfortable by helping to retain temperature whilst also ensuring that you save money on your energy bills. At Burbage Home Improvements we offer insulation solutions for both walls and roofs.

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Your roof may wear down over time due to the strain of the elements. Ensuring that any issues this may cause are mitigated quickly helps to keep your home protected well into the future. Our team at Burbage Home Improvements are specialists in diagnosing and replacing roofs to ensure our client’s homes stay protected.

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