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    New & Replacement Conservatories in The Burbage Area

    Whether you need a replacement conservatory or a brand new one, Burbage Home Improvements can help you make it the pride of your home. We offer bespoke conservatory solutions local to Burbage and the wider area.

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    New Conservatories

    Many homeowners choose to incorporate a conservatory into their property in order to create additional space and improve on the functionality around the home. The convenience of conservatories lies within their versatility and they can be utilised for a variety of functions in order to cater to the requirements of the people frequenting the home. The most common type of conservatory extension uses the space within the back garden even though it has become more regular to expand sideways and even to the front of the property. Our specialist team at Burbage Home Improvements can assist with choosing the right conservatory type for you as well as providing bespoke planning solutions and ideas on best utilising the space available to you.

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    Replacement Conservatories

    In the instance that your home already has a conservatory present, you may find that due to heavy use and regular exposure to the elements, it is now sinking into a state of disrepair and may show signs of heavy wear. If this is the case, a replacement conservatory can be the right option for you. By utilising the space where the previous one was built, we can reincorporate a fully functional conservatory to your home. Due to the nature of the building materials used in the creation of a conservatory, it may begin to show signs of age as early as 10 years into its lifecycle. If your conservatory is no longer functional or is liable to stop being thus, looking into replacement solutions can help address the problem before it becomes a concern.

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    When Should I Look to Conservatory Replacement

    Depending on the harshness of the weather they are exposed to as well as the level of maintenance regularly carried out on them, various conservatories may experience differing lifespans and show signs of wear at specific points. We have identified some of the leading issues that are present for those that choose to get replacement conservatories;

    • An underappreciated but vital element of conservatories is the roof, when the roof starts to leak or show heavy signs of wear you may find that a fair amount of the external elements are no longer as external as you may like.
    • One of the key aspects that symbolise a conservatory’s age is a lack of thermal efficiency. As time passes the panels and glass used within the construction may become slightly displaced leaving small gaps in their place through which temperature can escape.
    • Possibly the easiest issue to spot is that of visible damage or heavy wear, due to being visible the level of damage is also substantially simpler to gauge.
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    Why Should I Maintain a Functional Conservatory

    A functional conservatory serves as an additional room within your home without the caveat of the price tag you may find in full extensions. There are a multitude of benefits to having a conservatory within your property such as; an increase to the value of your property when selling, more natural light within your home, a larger living space, energy efficiency, and many more.

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    In order to discuss a new or replacement conservatory solution or enquire into one of our other products, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our specialist team at Burbage Home Improvements on 01455 633189 or drop us an email at

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    Windows & Doors

    Windows and doors are crucial parts of the home. When maintained properly they can add not only functionality and convenience to a home but also aesthetic charm and beauty. At Burbage Home Improvements we understand that each home has its own individuality and look to show that in our solutions.

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    The difference between a house and a home lies in the comfort it provides to those within. Insulation can go a long way in making a home comfortable by helping to retain temperature whilst also ensuring that you save money on your energy bills. At Burbage Home Improvements we offer insulation solutions for both walls and roofs.

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    Your roof may wear down over time due to the strain of the elements. Ensuring that any issues this may cause are mitigated quickly helps to keep your home protected well into the future. Our team at Burbage Home Improvements are specialists in diagnosing and replacing roofs to ensure our client’s homes stay protected.

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