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    Our team at Burbage Home Improvements are specialists in providing high quality bespoke door solutions. Every one of our clients is different and therefore so are their doors! Speak to a member of our team today to find out how we can help you meet your door requirements.

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    When Should I Replace my Doors?

    Doors are a focal point of the home; they are constantly in use and much of the safety and security of the home rests on their hinges. A functional door has a range of benefits and even adds to the general appeal of a property, therefore when your door starts to deteriorate looking to get it replaced quickly can be key in keeping your home functioning as normal. Any of these signs showing up can mean that its time to replace your door;

    • Over years of wear, the shape of your door may have been altered to create a gap under the door, while this may not seem like a major issue at first it will allow entry to undesirables such as insects or small rodents.
    • If your door has sustained structural damage, noticeable through rusting, squeaking or dents in the surface, your door may need to be replaced as this may make it considerably easier for intruders to force it open.
    • In tandem with damage to the door, having a dysfunctional locking mechanism may make your home a much easier target for break-ins while also serving as a potential safety and fire hazard.
    • Drafts anywhere along the lining or space around the door can mean that heat from within your home is escaping making your home much more difficult to heat and causing rises to your energy bills.
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    Why Should I Replace my Doors?

    There are many benefits to replacing your doors and with regular developments within the technology of the sector allowing for more practicality and security, getting a new door will always help your home in one way or another. Doors are a key part of the security of your home and by incorporating a new model you guarantee yourself better structural integrity aiding in the prevention of forced entry.

    You may also find that your door isn’t very good at retaining heat within your home, newer doors tend to be designed toward heat retention with some models even boasting insulation. This can go a long way in ensuring that your energy bills stay low, saving you money, as you help the environment.

    As your home changes so should your door, the aesthetic originally imposed on your home may no longer be present and your door may now look very dated. There are many door designs available on the market today and finding one that perfectly accentuates the charms of your home is beautifully simple.

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    In order to discuss a door replacement solution or enquire into one of our other products, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our specialist team at Burbage Home Improvements on 01455 633189 or drop us an email at

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    Windows & Doors

    Windows and doors are crucial parts of the home. When maintained properly they can add not only functionality and convenience to a home but also aesthetic charm and beauty. At Burbage Home Improvements we understand that each home has its own individuality and look to show that in our solutions.

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    The difference between a house and a home lies in the comfort it provides to those within. Insulation can go a long way in making a home comfortable by helping to retain temperature whilst also ensuring that you save money on your energy bills. At Burbage Home Improvements we offer insulation solutions for both walls and roofs.

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    Your roof may wear down over time due to the strain of the elements. Ensuring that any issues this may cause are mitigated quickly helps to keep your home protected well into the future. Our team at Burbage Home Improvements are specialists in diagnosing and replacing roofs to ensure our client’s homes stay protected.

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