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    Implement a fool proof electrical system across your property through Burbage Home Improvement electrical solutions.

    When making home improvements across a property, there are an assortment of electrical issues that may arise, as well as long-term problems that may come to light. In the hopes of retaining maximum functionality and safety within the property, it is vital to promptly address any issues with the help of fully-qualified electrical specialists. At Burbage Home Improvements we are able to provide electrical solutions across the sectors of; rewiring, testing, replacement consumer units, additional/replacement sockets, and additional/replacement light fittings. These services are all designed to work in tandem with our other home improvement solutions and can ensure that your property is always at 100%.

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    Until they experience heavy usage, you may not be aware of any issues with your electrical appliances. Our testing service aims to remedy this by comprehensively checking the suitability and functionality of electrical appliances within the property, a process through which we identify vulnerable areas of the electrical system as well as any damage that may pose a safety risk to the occupants. When looking to carry out home improvements of any kind, you may wish to first carry out a batch of testing to ensure the safety of the contractors and highlight property sections that should not be altered.

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    Older wiring systems are often not adequately designed to deal with the electrical demands of modern appliances. This often leads to the rapid deterioration of wiring with the potential risks of fire and shock hazards growing more prominent as the wiring degrades, when your wires show signs of damage, a quick replacement is key. The rewiring process looks to replace all of (or a specific section) of the wiring in a property with fresh wires that are more equipped to deal with the electrical flow within the property.

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    Replacement Sockets and Light Fittings

    When carrying out home improvements within a property, you may notice low-quality or damaged sockets or light fittings, or even a lack of them altogether. At Burbage Home Improvements we understand that the functionality of a space can be severely impaired when working with a lack of socket access and lighting, thereby, we look to provide replacement or additional sockets and light fittings which are also available in a multitude of styles and sizes.

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    Replacement Consumer Units

    Consumer units, commonly also referred to as fuse boards, distribute electricity from the property mains supply to each individual circuit. This makes it one of – if not the – most important part of an electrical system. Since trying to DYI a consumer unit replacement can cause a great deal of harm to yourself and your property (and others around it if you manage to start a fire), regulation dictates that an electrical contractor must be hired to check the safety of the wiring before any work is carried out. At Burbage Home Improvements we are able to offer both the testing and replacement part of the procedure leaving you to sit back and relax with the knowledge that our specialist team will deliver an electrical solution that keeps you and your family safe well into the future.

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    In order to discuss any one of our electrical solutions or enquire into one of our other products, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our specialist team at Burbage Home Improvements on 01455 633189 or drop us an email at info@burbagehi.co.uk.

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    Windows & Doors

    Windows and doors are crucial parts of the home. When maintained properly they can add not only functionality and convenience to a home but also aesthetic charm and beauty. At Burbage Home Improvements we understand that each home has its own individuality and look to show that in our solutions.

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    The difference between a house and a home lies in the comfort it provides to those within. Insulation can go a long way in making a home comfortable by helping to retain temperature whilst also ensuring that you save money on your energy bills. At Burbage Home Improvements we offer insulation solutions for both walls and roofs.

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    Your roof may wear down over time due to the strain of the elements. Ensuring that any issues this may cause are mitigated quickly helps to keep your home protected well into the future. Our team at Burbage Home Improvements are specialists in diagnosing and replacing roofs to ensure our client’s homes stay protected.

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