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    Orangery construction and planning solutions in the Burbage area

    Orangeries share many of the factors that have many instilled conservatories as the leading choice for home extensions. Contrary to the glass structure of a conservatory, an orangery is constructed using brick with large glass windows added to allow for a substantial amount of light to flow into the room.

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    What is an Orangery?

    An orangery is a form of property extension which makes use of large windows to accentuate a quality brickwork base. When discussing orangeries, conservatories also come into the discussion. The difference between a conservatory and an orangery is a slim one with many not even realising that they may be separate structures. The difference between the two lies in the amount of brickwork that is used, conservatories aim to be affordable by using as much glass as possible while orangeries are required to have glass covering less than 50% of the total wall area in order to officially qualify.

    The 17th century heralded in an era of popularity for orangeries with the structure being used to store fruit trees during the winter, they were considered highly fashionable and would often be found as an accompaniment to larger, wealthier properties.

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    Why Are the Benefits to Getting an Orangery?

    An orangery can serve a variety of purposes within the home and can effectively cover for a variety of requirements. The reason behind why many homeowners look to add an orangery to their property is one of space. Due to its high proportion of brick, an orangery can function as a regular room within the home and offer the same benefits as any other space within the property. The most common location for an orangery construction is in the back garden where there may be free space, however, at Burbage Home Improvements we are dedicated to providing bespoke orangery solutions and can assist you in choosing the perfect space to fit the extension.

    In contrast to a full extension, an orangery is very cost-effective and can add the same amount of space for a fraction of the cost boosting the overall value of the property. One major benefit an orangery holds over a conservatory is that of year-round usage. Due to its glass build, a poorly insulated conservatory can struggle to trap temperature leading to an uncomfortable interior. By relying more on brick and less on glass, an orangery has much higher insulation potential and can retain temperature comfortably while still allowing for natural light to travel through freely.

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