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The Complete Guide to Roof Replacement

There comes a time in the lifecycle of every property when its roof no longer functions as intended. Being an integral part of the property’s defence from weather extremities, the roof quickly needs to be replaced in order to mitigate damage to the interior.

The fundamentals of roof replacement are actually quite simple with the only deviations you may expect to see being due to an irregular roof size, shape, or there being unexpected complications during the removal of the previous roof or installation of the new one.

Get to know the ins and outs of the roof replacement process through the Burbage Home Improvements guide below.

Step 1. Protection

The first job a contractor will carry out around your property is to inspect the area around which the roof replacement will take place for any possessions or features that may be in danger while the job is being carried out.

Furniture from within the room that’s having its roof replaced will be removed since it may go hours -or sometimes even days- before the new roof is fully installed, floors and walls are also often covered in tarp to prevent damage to brickwork and paint. If the roof replacement site overlooks a garden the contractors may also look to use protection plywood to cover plants and bushes.

Step 2. Removal

Once the nearby area is safely covered, it should be safe to begin the roof replacement. The removal process is a delicate one as it requires the extraction of the previous roofing material without disrupting the property foundations. Once this step starts the room will be temporarily unusable until the new roof installation is complete.

Step 3. Inspection

The inspection process that is carried out once the roof material has been removed will allow the contractor to fully gauge the difficulty of the job. By being able to see the roof foundations, the contractor will be able to identify areas of rotted or soft wood which will need to be replaced, structural weaknesses within the base, and wood sheeting that hasn’t been attached properly.

There is usually a specific issue as to why our clients call Burbage Home Improvements to provide a roof replacement for their property, the inspection usually reveals the reason behind this issue.

Step 4. Shields

Before the full roof installation process can begin, a contractor will apply a water and ice shield to your wood decking. The water and ice shield serves as a roofing underlay that stops water and ice damage to the wooden decking.

Step 5. Installation

Once all of the previous steps have been completed, the contractor can finally begin installing the roof. They will start from the base of the roof and work their way up adding any structural and aesthetic features as they go.

While the completion of the installation process may make it seem like the full roofing replacement is now done, there are actually still another few steps that need to be carried out before you can start enjoying your new roof.

Step 6. Clean-up

No doubt that during the roof replacement process the contractor has caused a bit of a mess with material and tools being scattered all over the place. At this point, it is their responsibility to tidy this up as well as safely disposing of any materials taken from the roof during the second step.

Step 7. Final Inspection

If the process has been smoothly carried out to completion, it is unlikely that any issues will arise at this point. It is the role of any good contractor to double-check their work before giving the final sign-off to ensure that the roofing system is suitably constructed and installed.

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